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Togetherness hikes for couples 2024

In 2024, we are organizing an orienteering event specifically for couples on the last Saturday of each month. Throughout the year 2024, we will focus on 12 foundational elements that support relationships and explore different hiking trails in Southern Estonia. Each event offers exciting, humorous, adventurous, and therapeutic activities to strengthen bonds. We collaborate with a couples therapist, Piret Evert, to form 9-10 different activity stops for every trail.

Every month, the event takes place on a new hiking trail, allowing participants to explore Estonia together while also nurturing their relationships. Our goal is to provide participants with quality time that is often forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Strong relationships contribute to the happiness of the entire family! Whether you are married or not, with or without children. All our hikes use Estonian and English language, thus we welcome couples from variour cultures to join!

Each hike lasts approximately 2-3 hours. It takes place on the last Saturday of each month, with starting times ranging from 13:30 to 16:30 and an estimated finish time between 17:00 and 19:00. Personal starting times will be sent to couples based on initial registration order. Start times will be scheduled every 10-15 minutes to provide each couple with "their space" at activity points. Therefore, a maximum of 20 couples can participate in each hike. Register here!

Price: One hike costs €30 per person or €60 per couple (€55 per couple starting from the fourth hike and €50 per couple from the sixth hike onwards).

- At the end of each hike, we offer participants a refreshing snack with hot tea, the opportunity to dine together by the campfire before returning to everyday worries, and the chance to reflect on the experiences gained during the event.
- Couples who participate in at least three hikes will be entered into a year-end lottery. In December, we will draw one couple to receive €400 worth of relationship support (for travel, therapy, quality time, etc.).
- Participants will receive additional materials ("homework") after each expedition, which includes activities to do together before the next expedition.
- From March to October, we offer on-site activities for children aged 3-12 so that parents can enjoy the trail in peace (additional fee of €15 per child, plus €5 for each additional child from the same family). A 48-hour advance notice is required to use this service.

Scheduled togetherness hikes for 2024:

January 27: "Love and Intimacy" on the Parika Small Lake Nature Trail

February 24: "Humor and Joy" on the Vooremäe Hiking Trail

March 30: "Values and Gratitude" on the Ähijärve Hiking Trail

April 27: "Expectations and Trust" on the Meenikunno Hiking Trail

May 25: "Honesty and Respect" on the Jõemõisa Hiking Trail

June 29: "Communication and Listening" on the Apteekrimäe Hiking Trail

July 27: "Collaboration and Adventurousness" on the Palojärve Hiking Trail

August 31: "Individuality and Inclusion" on the Hüpassaare Nature Trail

September 28: "Coping with Emotions" on the Soomaa Beaver Trail

October 26: "Respectful Disagreement" on the Elva Primeval Valley Hiking Trail

November 30: "Issues and Compromise" in the Kurepalu Forest Patches

December 28: "Self-Confidence and Serenity" on the Ingatsi Nature Trail

The 2024 series of relationship-building expeditions is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme. 

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