Toomas Matisen

I have always enjoyed being in nature. For me, adventure and hiking became part of life when I was very young. I had an opportunity in association with the Estonian Scouts Organization to learn skills for constructing adventure elements, climbing and mountaineering.

Over the years I have accumulated experience in organizing hikes and teaching about adventure and ropework to all ages.

Hiking and adventure for me is an awesome activity that gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself, to challenge yourself and most importantly getting out of your comfort zone. I wish for more people to have that experience and as a result have a good time, and learn new skills.toomas profiil.jpg

Gedy Matisen

Yearly berry and mushroom pickings with my grandmother taught me to love and respect nature and to study natural sciences. When I was 5 years old my father took me on a bicycle trip, already then interest in combining sports and hiking started to develop. As a teenager I used to wander around Estonian forests with scouts - that was when I met Toomas!

I have practiced hiking, climbing on ice, mountains and cliffs under many different clubs. Organizing events like camps and hikes has become second nature to me.

Now I want to test my abilities and help motivate more people, young and old, to learn about nature and sustainability. Life is an adventure!

Gedy profiilikas.jpg